Thursday, September 9, 2010

What is Art? by Elisabeth Guest

How can Art be defined?

Art can be interpreted from countless angles as we all have various backgrounds and personalities, the question is what is the definition of art - how can we understand what it means from a unknowing perspective. After deciding that art is very elusive the question is how do we appreciate art without getting confused by what art is and what not? The answer to this might be answered by comprehending that art has different elements: its structure (form) and its content. Based on these elements it will become easier to reach understanding of what art is. Art can start as an idea which would be considered its content, but at one point will have to be formed to life to be art – this can happen as words, constructions, sketches, drawings etc.; and when art starts with its form, the thought (content) will change the before meaningless form to art.

The answer to my original question remains hard to explain in one easy definition. This following situation might be a very useful in understanding how versatile art can be. Imagine a group of 100 people that originated from places all over the world, they have went on a journey to discover art in the most ordinary places, they cannot take one step without one person stopping and communicating how this stone and that building is art because of specific features that seem unique and “artful”, they have spent the whole day within a 200 feet radius because they have been disagreeing and agreeing on countless "art-pieces" created by nature and created by mankind, that they have not been able to determine one piece that they all agree with. Art does not have to be beautiful to everybody and does not have to be art to everyone. In conclusion it can be determined that art can be observed by content and form, but that it is almost impossible to determine what exactly art is to everyone, but only what art is to yourself.

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  1. Hi elisabeth first a let me take the time to applaud you on a well written and informative explanation on what art is to you. As you said art dont have to be beautiful to everyone but there's an old sayin it goes,"Schonheit liegt im Auge des Betrachters" 'Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder'. and to me it depends on how and what instruments one use to measure beauty. If you love beauty well you'll appreciate art because in art you will find beauty. the simple complexities of life & art.
    that what it is to me. sheer beauty. I hope you understand where Im going with this.